KEPZ- at a glance
Together with Swiss specialist Youngone Group is implementing a modern cattle breeding and dairy project in KEPZ. This project will contribute to the socio-economic development of Bangladesh by conserving and improving in a sustainable way the traditional livestock farming standards and genetics for better milk and meat production in a sustainable way. This pilot project with 45 local Holstein–cows started end of November 2009. The well equipped barn combines modern breeding and dairy-methods with traditional farming knowledge and maintenance. Besides this, the project also focuses on the
improvement of soil by phosphorisation (composting) including sustainable cultivation of nutritious grass and/or corn fields in KEPZ. At present around 22 acres of land are used for cultivation of grass and corn. In the second phase the “KEPZ high-breeds” will increase upto a strong and healthy cattle herd of around 500-1000 animals. After full implementation of the project the milk and meat of around 1000 cows will be processed at KEPZ.