KEPZ- at a glance


Fast and duty free access to first world markets

  • Strategic location of KEPZ with excellent air and sea connection
  • Favourable investment policies for (foreign) investors
  • Attractive and comprehensive incentive packages

Low production cost for high competiveness

  • Comparatively cheap labour
  • Availability of skilled productive labour force in the area

Industrial friendly and congenial work environment

  • Largest EPZ in Bangladesh providing more than 500 hectares of industrial land
  • Up to date Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • Essential civic amenities including housing and recreational facilities in the zone

Professional one-stop service

  • Easy permission for industrial operations
  • Issue of import/export permits
  • Special simplified labour law helpful for maintaining congenial industrial relations
  • KEPZís full support in all operational matters

Equal fiscal, non-fiscal incentives, benefits and concessional facilities for the investors in KEPZ like those available to Government EPZs.

Following are some of the fiscal and non fiscal incentives


  • Exemption of income tax for 10 years
  • Exemption from dividend tax
  • Duty free import of construction Materials, machineries, office equipment and spare parts
  • Duty free import of raw materials and export of finished goods produced in the zone
  • Relief from double taxation subject to bilateral agreement
  • Expatriates exempted from income tax; conditions apply
  • GSP facilities available for export
  • Duty and quota free access to EU, Canada, Norway, Australia etc.


  • 100% foreign ownership permissible With no ceiling on foreign investment
  • Full repatriation of capital and dividend
  • Foreign currency loan from abroad under off-shore banking arrangement
  • Accelerated depreciation on machinery or plant allowed
  • Remittance of Royalty, Technical and Consultancy fees allowed
  • Enjoy MFN status
  • Non-resident Foreign Currency Deposit (NFCD) Account permitted
  • Operation of FC account by foreign investors including foreign joint venture partners allowed; conditions apply

Permissible Industries at KEPZ:

  • Electrical and Electronics items
  • Software development, IT and R&D types industries
  • Scientific instruments and precision tools
  • Jewellery industries and cutting
  • Engineering products and equipments
  • Leather products and shoes, bags, jackets etc
  • Sports goods and toy manufacturing, footwear
  • Backward linkage industries for textile
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Gas based industries, Petrochemical products
  • Agro-based industries, organic fertilizer production, garden and farm equipment manufacturing
  • Ceramic industries
  • Agro construction materials
  • Port related services and business, Ship chandler items

Hi-Tech projects for electrical/electronic equipment and components, assembly plants for cars and its components, software development, large scale chemical/petrochemical industries would be encouraged.

KEPZ, the first private EPZ in the country, provides an industrial friendly and congenial work environment within a secured zone for operation at a scenic location.

Physical infrastructure

  • Fully serviced industrial plots
  • Ready-made Standard Factory Buildings and space for supporting / sub-contracting industries
  • Ready-made warehouses
  • Jetty with backup facilities
  • R & D facilities


  • Utility services like gas, electricity and water for industrial and housing facilities
  • ICT-networks and Telecom
  • Garbage disposal, Central effluent treatment plant
  • Specialized industries are required to provide its own effluent treatment plant/solid waste disposal system

Civic amenities

  • Training centre for workers
  • Educational facilities for children
  • Dormitories for workers
  • Housing accommodation for Executives
  • Conference Hall/Convention centre/Exhibition Hall/Trade centre
  • Medical centre
  • Day care centre
  • Recreational facilities
    1. 18 hole Golf course
    2. Sports ground
    3. Health club